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Wedding photographer Sonja with a big smile and camera in her hand

Hi, I'm Sonja

Wow! You are considering me for your wedding photography.

So let me introduce myself:
I am a real morning person, and I prefer to get up when the world is still quiet and everyone is still sleeping. Then I enjoy the silence and the view from my house in Haarlem on the Spaarne. I cuddle with our (3) cats and make a delicious breakfast for everyone at the weekend. Those are; my partner and two sons. The beach is the best place to clear my head. Good or bad weather. I also like to travel. With my husband and kids, but also for my work. So if you are considering a destination wedding, I would be happy to travel with you.

I have been following a creative path all my life and after I rediscovered photography in 2019, it feels like coming home. I can fully express my creativity during my own projects. But while shooting a wedding I enjoy the special moment that I can be part of. Those little conversations, winks or hugs form the story I want to tell. We will not pose and smile at the camera during your photo shoot. I give you fun assignments because I know you don't want uncomfortable moments on such a day. When you look back at your photos, I want you to be back in that moment.

Actually, on your wedding day I am a kind of Ninja who sometimes appears on stage to take the best photos. Then I disappear back into the shadows to let you enjoy.


some random facts about me

born in the seventies

in a relationship for 19 years but not married

Ireland & Scotland lover

love nature but live in the middle of the city

like to be on time

love history

always learning

boysmum (aged 18 & 10)

cat human

fond of travelling, but also of coming home

morning person



+31 (0)6 33 05 23 28


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